The SA Community and Senior Care

by Susan Blumhorst, M.A.


Thursday night about 500 people gathered in a room at UT Health Science Center in San Antonio Texas to discuss how the city could become a “dementia friendly city.” Families dealing with various forms of dementia were there along with doctors, care professionals, law enforcement, business owners, and all forms of experts in the area of elder care.


The consensus is clear: We need more education and sensitivity for the general public on the topic of dementia. We need a way to provide more care in residential setting rather than institutions so all can be a part of the community instead of locked away and out of site. Local businesses could benefit from employee training to understand how to serve customers accompanying a person with dementia.

We all need to work together to support each other to keep folks at home longer or provide a welcoming business community that welcomes personal care homes instead of judging them. Many ideas were shared and it was agreed that more needs to be done to educate the community as the elder care tsunami builds and we end up in a crisis.

Quality of life is in the eye of the one living that life at the time. Working together to allow for individuals to define and experience their  own story, not one defined by cost, physical and mental ability or medical diagnosis.  I am grateful to say, our city is at the forefront paving the way to aging with dignity and compassion.


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Susan Blumhorst, M.A.

Senior Path Specialists owner Susan Blumhorst brings her rich experience in business and senior care to every client she works with. Revisit the site often for updates and insights from Susan.

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